Ad-hoc Press Release by Intertainment AG

Intertainment AG: Sales after nine months at 4.1 million euros

Ismaning near Munich, November 28, 2003 - Media company Intertainment AG, Ismaning near Munich, achieved consolidated sales totaling 4.1 million euros during the first three quarters of 2003. Sales in the equivalent year-earlier period amounted to 13.8 million euros. Sales generated by Intertainment resulted in particular from exploitation of film rights in pay TV.

EBIT at Intertainment was -5.5 million euros (year-earlier period: -4.8 million euros). Earnings from ordinary activities were -5,8 million euros after -5.4 million euros in the year-earlier period. The net consolidated loss amounted to -6.5 million euros. A loss of -4.5 million euros was posted at the end of September.

Earnings per share amounted to -0.55 euros (year-earlier period: -0.38 euros)

Sales and earnings performance are in accordance with expectations and are attrib-utable to the damage sustained by Intertainment as a result of the fraud perpetrated by American film producer Franchise Pictures.

During the third quarter of 2003, Intertainment achieved sales amounting to 2 million euros. During the equivalent quarter for 2002, Intertainment generated sales of 2.3 million euros. Earnings from ordinary activities improved by comparison with the first two quarters from -2.3 million euros to -1.6 million euros. EBIT stands at -1.4 million euros for the third quarter of this year compared with -2.2 million euros for the third quarter of 2002. The net loss for the quarter deteriorated to -1.7 million euros (year-earlier quarter: -0.4) million euros.

On September 30, 2003, Intertainment posted cash and cash equivalents amounting to 4.3 million euros. At June 30, 2003, cash and cash equivalents stood at 2.3 million euros and at December 31, 2003, at 3.9 million euros

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