Ad hoc Release of Intertainment AG

Judge postpones once again the trial date against Franchise Pictures

Ismaning near Munich, 14th July 2003 - Alicemarie H. Stotler, the responsible judge at the Federal District Court in Los Angeles, has once again unexpectedly postponed the court case between Intertainment AG, Germany, and the American film producer Franchise Pictures without consulting Intertainment or the lawyers of Intertainment beforehand. The judge did not give any reasons for the postponement. She only declared in a facsimile that the decision was based on the court's own motion.

She requested the parties involved to agree to a new trial date to be scheduled in March, April, May or August of 2004 by July 21, 2003.

The trial was scheduled to commence on August 5, 2003. This date was set by the judge in December 2002 and was expressly confirmed in June 2003 on the occasion of a pretrial conference.

The proposed date for the main proceedings has now been postponed for the third time. The main proceedings were originally scheduled for Summer 2002. This date was not kept as the responsible judge up until then delegated the case to Alicemarie H. Stotler. Judge Stotler then set November 19, 2002 as the day for beginning the main proceedings but then postponed this date to the 5th August 2003. However, she cancelled the date for the court appearance only a few days beforehand without providing any reasons for this decision.

Intertainment had taken legal action against Franchise Pictures and demanded compensation amounting to at least 100 million dollars because of a fraudulent excessive budget. The suit was filed in December 2000 with the Federal District Court in Los Angeles.

Intertainment will consider taking further legal steps against the renewed postponement of the main proceedings.

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