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Intertainment AG reports strong growth in quarterly figures
Media concern adjusts planned figures / Negotiations on TV rights postponed

Ismaning b. München, 17 November 2000 - Intertainment AG, of Ismaning b. München, has posted a sharp rise in the first nine months of the current 2000 fiscal year (as per 09/30) compared with the same period in the previous year. Turnover increased 335 percent to DM 145.3m (9 months 1999: DM 33.4m) in the reporting period. The media concern saw results of ordinary business activities climb 392 percent to DM 51.4m (10.4m). Earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) of the first nine months rose 426 percent to DM 63.4m (12.1m), while net income for the year was up 465 percent to DM 24.3m (4.3m).
According to current planned figures Intertainment AG anticipates for the current year 2000 a turnover of DM 170m, EBIT of DM 60m and results of ordinary business activities of DM 48m. For the total fiscal year 2000. In 1999 the company recorded turnover of DM 56.1m with results of ordinary business activities at DM 27.4m. EBIT ran to DM 25.6m.
Intertainment AG had originally expected to see turnover reach DM 290m, EBIT DM 84m and results of ordinary business activities DM 76m. The figures now have to be adjusted because negotiations on TV rights have been postponed. Delivery of three motion pictures has been delayed and accordingly to that the theatrical release as well as the TV sale have been pushed back to the next year. This means that the turnovers and profits in these areas will now not be realized until next year.

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