Intertainment confirms preliminary figures

Munich, September 4, 2000 - Munich based media corporation Intertainment AG
achieved a significant profit increase in the first half of this year. The result from ordi-nary activities increased by 551 per cent to DEM 51.3 million. During the comparable period of last year Intertainment just earned DEM 7.9 million. The earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) climbed to DEM 63.7 million. This corresponds to an increase of 806 per cent compared to the result of DEM 7.0 million during last years period.
Sales increased from DEM 12.8 million to DEM 134.4 million. This represents an im-provement of 949 per cent. The final half-yearly figures posted now therefore confirm the results that were announced a month ago. Concerning the operating results as well as the EBIT Intertainment could even produce a slight improvement.

The figures of last years period differ marginally from the figures announced previously. This is due to the fact that Intertainment has restated the distribution to the individual quarters in line with the accounting method of 2000 for reasons of better comparison.

The massiv increase of profit and sales can in the first place be attributed to the con-sistent expansion of Intertainment´s operating activities to the whole European area.
Intertainment expects that this positive development will also continue during the course of this year. Important contributions in that context will come from europewide theatrical releases of Intertainment´s films. The first of these films is expected to be the action movie "The Art Of War" starring Wesley Snipes that Intertainment is going to release in November. To follow there will be "Get Carter" starring Sylvester Stal-lone as well as "The Pledge" directed by Sean Penn and starring Jack Nicholson.
The precise release dates will be decided after consultation with Intertainment´s part
ners 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros..

At this moment in time the company expects sales for the whole of fiscal 2000 of DEM 290 million and a result from ordinary activities of DEM 76 million.

The half-yearly report with more explanations and comments is available on the internet under or from the official website of the "Neuer Markt".

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