Intertainment Holding Announces Cooperation
with Disney-Subsidiary Miramax

Munich, April 26, 2000 - Renowned US production company Miramax, a Disney subsidiary, and Internet-based have signed an initial agreement concerning the online distribution rights of 12 films. is an industry leader in providing movie downloads from the Internet. Only a few weeks ago, also signed an agreement with Franchise Pictures, another key US production company. Munich-based media group Intertainment AG holds 26 per cent of the Internet company. 

Within the framework of this agreement, will provide Disney's Miramax with the technology required to enable US Internet users to download films via the World Wide Web for either rental or purchase. The movies will be available directly from the Disney subsidiary's Web site. "The importance of the Internet is increasing rapidly, and offers us an excellent opportunity to utilize this new medium for selling our films," explained Harvey Weinstein, CEO at Disney's Miramax.

Intertainment's chairman of the board Rüdiger Baeres said of the announcement: "The agreements with Disney's Miramax and Franchise Pictures clearly indicate a trend - in the long run, the Internet will have a significant role to play in the selling of films."

Put in real terms, renting and buying videos on the Internet will replace going to conventional video rental stores in the future, opening up a billion-dollar market in the coming years. In the US alone, the video market has a total annual turnover of 10 billion dollars.

Disney's Miramax subsidiary is one of the largest US production companies and is responsible for a number of box office hits, such as "The Talented Mr. Ripley", "The English Patient", "Good Will Hunting", "Scream" and "Pulp Fiction". Miramax has garnered a total of 148 Oscar nominations and 42 Oscars. was founded in 1995. In 1999, it was the first company to enable Internet downloads of feature-length films. also developed a way of protecting films that makes it impossible for them to be distributed or accessed without proper authorization. Furthermore, the corporation is the owner of the only US patent for downloading films and music via the Internet. Among other things, is planning to go public later this year.

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