Intertainment's First Movie from the Deal with Franchise Pictures:
"The Whole Nine Yards" is Now Starting in Germany

Munich, April 19 - The action-packed comedy "The Whole Nine Yards" will open in German movie theaters on April 20, 2000. The successful film, with superstar Bruce Willis in the leading role, started in the U.S. in February and stayed at the top of the movie charts there for three weeks. In Spain, where the European premier was held recently, the motion picture also reached the top of the movie charts.

"Keine Halben Sachen" (the German title of the film) was produced by the U.S. moviemaker Franchise Pictures and co-produced by the Munich-based company Intertainment, which also owns the most important European rights to the movie. The film is the first production to arise from the output deal made between Franchise Pictures and Intertainment in 1999. All in all, the contract comprises at least 60 high-budget films.

Rüdiger Baeres, Chairman of Intertainment, proudly declared: "The success of "Keine Halben Sachen" is proof of the high quality of this movie package. It's not without good reason that the action comedy has been at the top of the charts in the countries where it's been shown so far. The movies to come will all be of the same class." The Munich-based corporation plans to introduce numerous movies featuring Hollywood stars to German movie-goers this year, such as "Art Of War" with Wesley Snipes, "Get Carter" with Sylvester Stallone and "The Pledge," in which Jack Nicholson plays under the direction of Sean Penn.

 Information on Intertainment:

Munich-based Intertainment AG is a media corporation specializing in film licensing and merchandising activities. Figures for the fiscal year 1999 show growth in revenues of 91.5 percent to DEM 56.1 million for the media group, which is listed on Frankfurt's New Market. This growth was accompanied by an increase in results from ordinary business activities of approximately 130 percent to DEM 20.2 million. In the current fiscal year, Intertainment is expecting a boost in revenues to approximately DEM 290 million and results from ordinary business activities totaling more than DEM 76 million. This jump in revenue will be generated in part by the expansion of business activities throughout Europe.


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